Henry is the Founder of Unique Designz, a Brand Strategist, digital marketer, and he has been doing all this for the past 13 years! He has worked with...View Details

Chuck Pettid and Terry Tateossian sit down to discuss the most challenging aspects of equity crowdfunding, startup fundraising, crypto and general sta...View Details

  Susan Ascher and Terry Tateossian discuss common sense leadership, the servant leader style. Susan is the  CEO of The Ascher Group, an award winning...View Details

Arjun Rai - Entrepreneur, CEO, and Founder of Wrkbench.io, EmojiData.ai, and Woofy Inc. Arjun moved from New Delhi to Chicago at four years old before...View Details

Tim McElreath - Director of Technology, Mobile & Emerging Platforms at Discovery Communications  Despite growing up with computer gear around the ...View Details

Miko Matsumura - Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Partner & Co-Founder of EvercoinMiko took a winding career road from pure science to Silicon Valley ...View Details

Way back in 2004, Brett jumped into digital video with the first Internet TV network, ManiaTV! He cut his teeth in sales strategy until he realized th...View Details

A kind of blending film with video games, video interactivity has always been a labor-intensive dream. But as technology advanced, it started to becom...View Details

Shakesha Williams - Writer, Director, Producer & Founder of Harlem Fusion Studios  In 2012, Shakesha founded a new media company with an undertow ...View Details

Michael Donahue - Marketing Pioneer & Sr Director of the Association of National Advertisers Michael was always an anomalous worker. Growing up ou...View Details

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